The word Shiatsu literally means «thumb pressure.» There is written knowledge of this therapy since 1917. Shiatsu can be defined as a massage of acupressure and stretching officially collected and recognized in Japan within manual techniques that promote health simply by stimulating the body to activate its mechanisms of self regulation and healing thus restoring balance. The Japanese believe that if energy circulates in the body, there is no room for disease, that is, they understand that ailments and diseases are nothing more than an obstruction in the body’s energy system.

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There are essentially two very differentiated shiatsu systems, the Namikoshi system and the Masunaga system.

The main differences that I can highlight between these two systems, is that Master Namikoshi developed a more bio-mechanical and functional shiatsu that works on muscle chains and despite working on some acupuncture points he treats at a more physical and local level, while Master Masunaga integrated the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, taking into account energy meridians and treating people from a holistic approach. But one thing is the different techniques and therapies that can be studied and learned and another thing is the own method that each therapist ends up adopting in their practice, so I would like to tell you about my Zen shiatsu sessions.

One of the parts that captured me at the shiatsu school, was when Master Hideo taught us what the Japanese call Ampuku (abdominal diagnosis), learn to feel what the body says from listening to internal organs and the reflections of their meridians in the abdomen, there opened a world of sensitivity, connection and knowledge.

Abdominal palpation has become my main diagnostic tool, not only physical, but also emotional and spiritual, that is, the bodies speak, and if we learn to decipher their messages, it is fascinating the accompaniment when waking up and the restoration of health what can we do.

That is why, my sessions always begin by listening and exploring the abdomen. In this regard I would like to explain that as in so many other therapies, what shiatsu offers is an accompaniment to the person who receives it immersed in its vital process, live it, accept it and transform it from taking responsibility for its own health, physical, mental and emotional. And finally if you ask who or what shiatsu can be useful for, I can tell you that you can receive it from children to elderly people, at any stage of life including pregnancy and that its spectrum of treatment is very wide, from any disorder derived from a malfunction of the nervous system such as insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, anguish, digestive disorders, migraines, muscle contractures, joint pain and a long etc … to all types of muscle and joint pain that occur with stiffness and restricted mobility, paraesthesia or others. [/ learn_more]


Modern reflexology was born in the early twentieth century from the studies and work of the American Dr. William Fitzgerald, who observed that the application of pressure and massage in certain areas of feet and hands caused anesthetic effects in other parts of the body. With these discoveries, he established that the human body is crossed, in a longitudinal sense, by ten meridians, five in each half of the body, suggesting that there is a direct relationship between the different areas and the different organs of the body. He continued his line of research and later he and his disciples created the holographic maps of hands and feet.
That is, they determined the reflex points to stimulate and treat each organ, each viscera and all the systems of the body.
The reflex foot massage is used worldwide today as a support to the treatment of many ailments and diseases, from constipation, insomnia, migraines, to uterine fibroids, discomforts of pregnancy and menopause and a long etc …

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The advantages of this massage are many, it can be performed anywhere even without having much privacy since it is not necessary to undress, it is a very pleasant and relaxing technique and in addition to being used as a treatment, it also provides a diagnosis of the general condition of the person, that is, it is considered a preventive therapy, because during the foot massage, we can detect organic disorders in a very incipient state, when they are still asymptomatic, and in this way we can advise the client to go to the doctor and submit to certain studies.

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La acupuntura forma parte principalmente de la medicina tradicional china, japonesa y coreana.

Es un arte curativo o terapia milenaria que forma parte de la sabiduría ancestral de oriente.

Aquí en occidente se han dado mucho más a conocer las técnicas acupunturales chinas.

Principalmente la acupuntura consiste en la estimulación con agujas de puntos específicos, tanto musculares, como relacionados directamente con órganos y entrañas, es por eso que esta terapia es tan eficaz en el tratamiento de todo tipo de dolores y enfermedades crónicas y resulta un gran apoyo en muchos tratamientos médicos para ayudar al cuerpo a estimular su sistema inmunológico o a desintoxicarse de algunos tratamientos químicos indispensables para algunos pacientes. Cada vez son más las personas que confían en esta popular terapia por sus resultados y su falta de efectos secundarios nocivos para la salud.

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La acupuntura como ya he mencionado, solo es una parte de la medicina tradicional china, pero igual que el resto como puede ser la farmacopea, el masaje o el Qi gong se fundamenta en el principio de Yin y el Yang que es un concepto filosófico que explica la naturaleza y sus mecanismos, naturaleza que se aplica a los procesos vitales del cuerpo. De ahí surge la teoría de los cinco elementos que es la base de diagnóstico para los tratamientos con acupuntura. Algunas de las indicaciones de la acupuntura :
  • Problemas de fertilidad y metabólicos en general como obesidad, hipo e hipertiroidismo.
  • Dolores reumatoides
  • Migrañas
  • Problemas digestivos
  • etc….


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