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Over the years I have been reaffirming that the therapeutic path is my path to my purpose in life, my Dharma. Help people be better, live better, discover self and cure themselves. I firmly believe that all people have a purpose in life, greater than our wishes, a purpose to put at the service of others something transcendent that makes the world and the people that live in it a little better, healthier happier. My parents told me that already I was fascinated to massage my hands tightening my fists and hitting their backs, it’s a story that raises a lot of tenderness because I understand it as my innate instinct for Shiatsu.

lo largo de los años he ido reafirmando que el camino terapéutico es mi camino, mi propósito en la vida, mi Dharma. Ayudar a las personas a estar mejor, vivir mejor, auto descubrirse y sanarse.

When in my adolescence it was time to decide and define what I wanted to dedicate, the therapeutic path opened in front of me naturally, thanks to my mother, in my childhood I was always in contact with meditation, yoga, nutrition, etc. … I always knew that I wanted to heal people, transmit knowledge to incorporate in their day to day life in order to help them take care of themselves and get involved in their process to change some habits. I always felt emotional attraction throughout the emotional world behind the symptoms and diseases, somatization as an expression of the inconsistency that gets sick to us. So I devoted myself to living in the middle of my presence and simply life was putting me in front of the opportunities that led me to be the therapist I am and have always been.

In 1995, at the age of 22, I started my studies at the Japanese technical school Hideo Asai in the city of Barcelona. I graduated as a specialist in Shiatsu, Ito-  Thermie, Japanese acupuncture (Hinaishin-  ho), Japanese postural correction (Shin Sei Tai-  ho) and deepened in Zen meditation. I continued my training as a reflexologist in Barcelona with the help of Andoni Barea. Later on, life led me to live a few years in the Dominican Republic where my professional experience was very enriching working with Dr. Benjamin Payano in his clinic at the same time that my mother and I managed our own therapy center in the city of Santo Domingo with great success. During these years I was trained in Quiromasaje with Mariucha Totheman, in the same city, Santo Domingo. When I returned to Barcelona, ​​my home town continued to expand my knowledge by forming me in craniosacral therapy, floral therapy from Dr. Bach, family constellations and finally I have completed my studies as acupuncturist.

 After 20 years of professional experience, I am fully devoted to therapeutic practice both in individual and business consulting. 

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